How is this Dell’s fault? The problem is in windows I had Realtek waves maxx audio in it for better audio and stuff, how do I get that driver in Ubuntu It’s sometime audible only when I like for example for a YouTube video playing and I open up another tab or any other program It stopped now but it sometimes comes back. The XPS laptops were designed for creative explorers — individuals who are passionate about art, film, photos, and value an immersive entertainment experience. No laptop PCs have ever sounded or looked so great. From around the web.

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Dell is committed to delivering reliable products that you can count on, with access to immediate and reliable support anytime, anywhere you need it.

Dell XPS resurrected with NVIDIA graphics, HD webcams and JBL audio

They license a third party solution to enhance and protect the speakers, you opted to remove it and work without the speaker protections. How did you get it so your headphones and speakers have different volumes. Finally got this, thanks: Post as a guest Name. If you want dell xps waves maxxaudio 3 keep headphones working and get rid of all MaxxAudioPro background processes, fel welcome to use the script here: No offensive, hateful, or low-effort comments.

I clean installed windows, but maxxaudio returned. I have a btw. How is this Dell’s fault? Dell submitted 1 year ago by [deleted]. It’s sometime audible only when I like for example for a YouTube video playing and I open up another tab or any other program It stopped now but it sometimes comes back.


Most onboard sound outputs have some unavoidable ground maxxauddio, which is something I have zps, but if it is noticeable while music is playing Dell xps waves maxxaudio 3 think you might have a defective laptop.

How do i remove this MaxxAudio garbage? : Dell

Their daily lives are multimedia experiences that they share with each other, whether it’s uploading photos, watching streaming video or listening to their favorite band play a concert on the other side of the world. Featuring exceptional sound, video and now 3D-capabilities, the new premium systems mark the return of the highly regarded XPS brand, which blends classic style, world-class features and premium performance dell xps waves maxxaudio 3 products that stand up to rigorous standards.

Its Dells fault they cant produce decent speakers without using shitty EQ to make it sound better. These drivers kept interfering with editing software where I use ASIO drivers and an external sound card.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. To disable this, search for Driver installation setting or something or that sort and select “no”. Starting prices for the new XPS laptops are: Discussion How do i remove this MaxxAudio garbage? So what to do?

Dell xps waves maxxaudio 3 first – avoid reposting.

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BT audio quality is fine. Its kind of funny how the speakers are so crappy that del laptop ships with a software dell xps waves maxxaudio 3 preset to doubling the sound output. Now, according to the documentation, everything should run correctly with your sound after you reboot, but just be aware that everything will be muted by default.


Before you do any of this, make sure dell xps waves maxxaudio 3 the build-essential package is installed. That software is absolutely atrocious and cps defaulting Maxx Audio on my headphones which would cause all sorts of distortion and terrible sound quality overall. I think they work for all or many of their sound cards.

Thanks again for the fix, just wanted to clear it up a bit: Instantly updated without restart and took away that abysmal Dell Audio icon. I tried, but ended up with a lot of errors.


If you run it, it will display errors. Show full PR text.

There are indeed drivers on the Realtek website. Run the automatic installer script with sudo. Surely there is a way to plug my headphones into my computer without having to go through this nonsense first.